IT Support Services

For Very Busy People

Sole Proprietors

As a sole proprietor we understand that you are busy all the time. Purchasing, sales, talking to clients, estimates, quotations, marketing, banking etc,. The list is endless and it never stops. Everything is important and it’s hard to prioritise everything that comes across your desk. That’s where Web Focus IT Services can make a difference to your working day. We make sure that everything works as it should and advise you on the best solutions. We make sure that your PC works when you want, your emails arrive at their destination, your WiFi actually works and your printer never runs out of ink. Infomation Technology is a tool to make your business life easier. We have hardware and software solutions that make administrative tasks dissapear. Reclaim the time lost everyday firefighting IT problems and prevent future disasters. We believe in saving you time by creating solutions that not only makes your daily life easier but also saving you money by helping you work faster and easier by giving you time to generate leads, talk to clients and engage in the day to day activites of what your business is actually about.

Small Medium Business

Whatever business you are in, time is money and IT is an integral part of the working day. Many businesses introduce IT products and services as the need arises on a day to day or month to month basis. After a period of time sometimes even years inefficiencies creep in and your IT infrastrucure starts to take a strain. Incompatabilites between products, slow PC’s and networks, Anti Virus hogging PC  resources and of course trying to figure out how come you never got that email someone sent you or the fustration of sending one and they didnt get it. Somtimes frustration with “It’s the wrong version of Word, the attachment is too big or why cant I just edit the PDF.” On occasion clients, guests and employees cant access the Wifi system or someone  opened up an email and now a virus has been sent to everyones email after the virus hijacked your address list. The problems  can be overwhelming but the solutions Web Focus provides makes IT  a breeze and your technology requirments become a seocnd thought. Web Focus provides managed services to make your business life easier, efficient and cost effective.

Enterprise Solutions

Web Focus has the ability to streamline IT infrastructure across a range of enterprise class businesses to produce efficiencies that creates results. Cost savings across a range of IT projects combined with up to date software and hardware investment can yield  calculable improvments to  cost of sales, lead generation, inventory mangement, communications and positive experiences in employee  and  customer satisfaction. Web Focus works with schools, healthcare providers, manufacturers and service providers. Web Focus has generated  strategic partnerships with the leading names in the software and hardware industries providing sloutions explicitly for business customers. Our Software As A Service portfolio includes managed WiFi networks, BackUp and Disatser Recovery Solutions, Business Continuity, Accountancy Services,  Managed Email, Private Email Servers,  Ecommerce Facilities, Spam Control, Anti Virus Services, Ransomware Protection, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, BYOD protection, Endpoint Security, Information Theft Prevention and Web Development Services.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into smaller manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”  –Mark Twain

What We Do In IT Support?

IT Procurement

We work with you and your employees to find the best solution for your business needs.  Out of date hardware or incompatible software issues become a thing of the past. We streamline your infrastructure to make sure everything works and always works when needed. We take bottlenecks out of your systems and ensure all your systems are fit for purpose. Cost effective solutions without compromises.

Maintenace & Updates

Web Focus has service mangement solutions tailor made for each client. We harness the power of hardware, software and network providers to make sure that your systems are working and functioning optimally at all times. We constantly monitor for potential hardware and systems failures on site or remotely. We take a pro-active approach in protecting your systems against breakdowns and malfunctions.


Web Focus provides an unparalled service for businesses that require staff training in general IT or specific   IT software or hardware  solutions. We tailor make programmes to fit the end client exclusively. Our training produces results that enables end users to be completely confident performing IT tasks  within their job that they may be asked to perform on a regular or intermittent basis.


Web Focus specialises in creating content and marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals. Advertising through Google Ads, Facebook or Twitter. Generating engaging website content or creating relevant youtube videos is all part of our specialised digital content and marketing strategies. Check out our Web Design page for our complete range of services.

Private Email

We have all experienced issues with emails not been delivered. Sometimes people insisting emails were sent and others insisting they were never received. Attachments been unreadable or emails ending up in spam folders and all the time we believe nothing changed on the system form week to week so we wonder why was there even a problem. Email operations are complex and the email systems we use today date back before the internet even existed. The first email was sent in 1971 while the internet we know today only started in 1998. They are two completely different technologies yet we look at them as the same system. That complexity mixed with requirements for security, privacy and deliverability can cause frustration when things don’t go our way.
Web Focus has solutions to all these issues. Web Focus provides enterprise level secure private email services to our clients. We provision private domains and use enterprise technology preventing virus, spam and ransomware attacks. The Web Focus mail service prevents viruses before it even reaches your inbox. We screen incoming and outgoing email to protect your systems and those of your contacts. Web Focus email  uses enterprise level security threat intelligence systems to alert to zero day threats. We identify threats that are sometimes only minutes old. All this happens while we are still able to guarantee deliverability of incoming and outgoing mail. Our solutions are ideal for individuals, SMB’s or enterprise organisations.
Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs

IT Systems Security



Security is now the most critical factor in protecting you business, your data and your reputation from damage. Web Focus looks at IT security from different angles. IT security is generally thought of as restricting access and preventing damage to files, folders or systems by using Anti Virus and Malware products. Security is also preventing data loss occurring from wear and tear, water damage, fire or theft. Let’s deal with traditional security concerns first.  Most Anti Virus products are not strong enough anymore to deal with the barrage of threats, viruses, Malware and Trojans. New threats every day and system hogging Anti Virus products are neither suitable or capable of protecting your systems.

Some products can cause more problems with slow start ups, system crashes and even slow your system down to a crawl by hogging your PC resources. Web Focus uses the platinum standard in IT protection. We can deploy across any platform, our solution continuously monitors for breaches. Our monitoring does not take up any system resources and can even roll back and prevent damage from illicitly introduced programs. We know instantly when there is suspicious activity or impending threats and we can control, prevent or destroy breaches before damage occurs and  then alert our clients to the activity.

WiFI Networks

Wifi networks are an integral and very important part of business communication at your premises. Staff, clients and guest rely on the ability to have access to wireless communication. Your Wifi network should not even be noticeable, it should just work. Your network should have  a strong signal in all areas, be able to connect to any device and always be available. Behind the scenes your wireless network needs to be robust enough to handle all the traffic thrown at it. Roaming without loss of signal, guest access without  staff input and options isolating users to prevent data leakage or allowing shares beween authorised personnel are all  prerequisites.

All this is possible and more with Web Focus WiFi systems. We operate  managed Wifi systems where our customers can have a total hands off network. Our systems are secure and exceed standards in regulatory compliance. Access and policies can be set at a user level, organisational group or physical location if required. Bandwidth limits, website control, guest access without staff assistance and scheduled access times can all be accommodated. Alerts preventing  the addition of rogue access points  leading to data breaches is all monitored. We monitor around the clock  24/7, 365 days of the year to keep your premises running efficiently and to pro-actively prevent problems with your WiFi infrastructure.

Business Continuity

Security of your IT systems and infrastructure doesn’t just come down to protecting against  external and internal Intrusions like viruses, malware and illegal software executions. It’s about protecting your IT systems from hardware failure and  data loss. It means mitigating against disasters such as power loss, water damage, fire and theft. If your business loses data or your systems become inoperable how long is going to take you to get back into operation again. The loss or corruption of files, invoices, emails, orders or accounts can set a business  back months or even ruin their ability to operate completely. If your system goes down can you run your payroll, fulfil orders or retrieve documents? Are you open to legal repercussions or financial penalties and will your credibility suffer?  Web Focus has solutions to make sure your data is safe. We ensure you have the ability to operate quickly after a disaster situation with minimum disruption and zero data loss. Our disaster recovery solutions continuously back up your data from all areas critical to your operation. Backing up your data is only half the solution.

The critical part in any disaster recovery solution is how quickly can you access that data and making sure it works in every eventuality. Many businesses believe they have taken appropriate steps to ensure their data has been backed up and the recovery of that data is easy. Very few actually test and verify that their disaster recovery solution actually works. It is only when disaster strikes that they discover their solution was ineffective. Web Focus ensures your data is backed up and is accessable locally in the first instance. Should the need arise external copies are available and also cloud backups. This mitigates against disasters happening local to the machine, the premises or the geographic area of your business. Backups can be read at file or folder level for granualar access. Many believe that backups can simply be imported onto a new system like a new  server or  new PC. In practice this is impossible unless you have preplanned using specific backup technology to make sure your backup can be loaded onto a new system regardless of manaufacturer or specifications. With Web focus whole machine backups can be loaded on to completely new hardware without compatbility issues. You can even run your whole business through backups loaded onto new virtual servers in the cloud while waiting for new hardware to be sourced. Your backup and business can be up and running in as little as fifteen minutes from when the failure first happened.