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The Story of Web Focus

“Web Focus works with new entrepreneurs, established businesses and large companies. We work with the best technological experts in the industry. We help people make the right choices so that they can make a positive difference in their business”


Web Focus offers  Managed IT  Support Services, Media Creation, Web Development and Digital Marketing services to sole traders, SME’s and enterprise level companies. We operate in Ireland and have clients locally, nationally and across the globe. Our principle is to offer comprehensive services that makes IT support seamless  and digital media creation effortless.


We provide tailor-made solutions to business clients developing, enhancing and streamlining their IT structures so that  it operates efficiently at all times. Web Focus  further uses its creative expertise and technologies to assist businesses in developing leads, increasing brand awareness, generating revenue and achieving marketing success for businesses in an offline and  online capacity.


Edmund Boyle is the owner and developer  behind Web Focus. Web  Focus has developed strategic partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers and software developers in the IT support and media creation industries. Web Focus works with the leaders in technology services and media creation to provide our clients the best service available.



Web Focus owner Edmund Boyle has been involved in digital technologies and the media since the nineteen eighties having originally worked as a stills photographer before entering the field of digital motion camera work. The evolution of the internet in the early nineteen nineties alongside the parallel growth of digital technology in cameras, editing and computers generated unique opportunities for those working in the area. Working with companies such as Allergan Pharmaceuticals and Botox provided exposure to other businesses, which led to the growth and expansion of his business into the Information technology support services sector. The merging of IT and digital media generated a requirement for comprehensive understanding, development and implementation of IT support services to all businesses. That merging of technologies led to the creation of Web Focus, an IT support and media creation services business.

After working as a professional photographer and incorporating digital production techniques through IT. Edmund  sought to educate and strengthen his knowledge in the rapidly expanding  area of digital technologies and IT support. After attending The University College of Limerick in their first year of their inaugural Digital Media Design course, Edmund went on to study at the National Television Training Centre. He worked with the Setanta Sports Television Group and ESPN Networks before completing a Post Graduate H.Dip in Computer Science at University College Dublin. He further went on to train in Los Angeles in specialist high definition cameras and 3D stereoscopic imaging in Ireland. He later returned to Westport where he now operates Web Focus offering managed IT services, digital media creation, web development and digital marketing services.

“Technology in the 1990’s was changing at a such a rapid pace and so so too was the convergence of different forms of media particularly on the internet. Although the internet and web pages were text-based at the beginning, photography was becoming the main medium for visuals and marketing. Internet speeds were still very slow but technology indicated it wasn’t going to be long before video over the internet was the next major milestone. iPhones and iPods were still a few years away but mobile video and the internet were on the horizon. The web as a tool for generating revenue was beginning to take effect as photography, video, marketing and social media began to converge. Shopping was easier as credit card transactions became secure. New technology allowed smaller businesses to adopt the web as a marketing tool to the world. Web Focus was established to make it possible for businesses to take advantage of the web as a lead generation, sales and revenue platform integrating all forms of digital media.”


Web Focus primary aim is to provide IT support services  to business clients that makes their IT infrastructure easy to run. By further providing creative media solutions such as web development, digital media production and digital marketing Web Focus is unique in the comprehensive range of services it offers. Our knowledge in IT support can produce efficiencies and streamline operations while our creative services offers online and offline marketing and sales oppertunities. There are many various reasons businesses need to have an online presence. Some want to sell their products or service online.  Other businesses will want to make existing or potential clients aware of their locations, brand or services. A hotel, bank, baker, solicitor or accountant all have different products and services but all can gain from having an online presence. Your audience need to understand what your business stands for and they need to trust your expertise and the products and services you offer. It needs to be done right and making the correct choices starts with hiring professionals to make your investment work.


The word “investment” is not used lightly. An investment indicates that a return is expected. Web Focus IT services was established to guide businesses in their decisions and make that investment a reality. Our solutions have an  impact on cost control, IT security, legal obligations, business continuity and on revenue generation. We make sure that your business is running optimally and that you have the confidence in your IT, communication and networking infrastructures. Web Focus understands that IT failures or breakdowns inevitably  happen but we make sure that your business isn’t impacted and disasters don’t effect your business continuation. We are aware of profitability and brand awareness and we work to protect both. Web Focus creative services works with startups, established online businesses or companies looking to enter the online world for the first time. Web Focus has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help businesses make a positive impression with their audience.  Our business is making our clients online and offline presence successful.


Our clients come from a wide array of business backgrounds and some are very much aware of IT services and the way their IT infrastructure operates. Other clients have a hands off approach and  delegate responsibility to colleagues, staff or outside service providers. We also have clients that operate a similar way with website development, media creation and marketing.  Our  clients are diverse and so too are their knowledge and experience of the wide range of services available. Some are new to online marketing and some are very experienced. Social media channels, search engine optomisation and regulatory requirements change daily.  We are very conscious of this and we will carefully guide a business whatever their level of experience. We are not interested in using technological jargon to impress a business with what we know. We are interested in finding out what they do know, helping them understand what they don’t know and educating ourselves about their business and their requirements. Web Focus is dedicated to make our clients businesses successful.