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IT Support Service

Web Focus provides a Managed IT Support Service to business clients. We provide a range of services to sole traders, small and medium sized businesses and enterprise clients. We understand that all business are busy and sometimes lack the time or resources to look after IT functions fulltime. Web Focus can tailor make solutions to assist you with your IT requirements so that  you can concentrate on your business and leave the IT infrastructure up to us. Web Focus can organise IT hardware and software supplies.

Cost Savings

We can recommend time and cost saving solutions that makes your business easier to run. It doesn’t matter if you have one office or five. If you have a SMB or an enterprise IT problem, we have a solution. Web Focus have the people, resources and ideas to  make your issues easier to handle. We have partenrships with major hardware manufacturers, software companies and distribution channels within the IT industry. We pride ourselve on offering the best solutions that fits our clients needs. Check out our IT Service page for all our solutions.

Digital Media Production

Web Focus has over thirty years of experience in creative media. Our original business  supplied business to business photography services and soon encompassed video production for major pharmaceutical companies. Web Focus now produces video material for corporate and private clients ranging from short form video training and advertising solutions to long form documentaries. Web Focus provides and sources production personnel, pre-production services, location scouting  services and equipment.

Creative Media

We are able to fulfil production requirements for web advertising, video platforms and HD television productions. Our web development and design businesses focuses on creating web platforms that are tailor made for each client and their business requirements. We produce integrated creative websites that are aesthetically designed to be functional and whose primary purpose is to engage our clients customers and showcase their products and services. They are engineered to produce results. Check out our Web Design Service page for more details.

Business Marketing

Business marketing has changed within the digital age. Businesses have more opportunites than ever before to offer their services and products, locally, nationally and internationally. There isn’t a one size fits all solution that fits all types of businesses and services. Every business is unique and their customers can be varied in demographics, geographic location and  product or service requirement. Web Focus has solutions to assist business in realising their potential in getting their message delivered.

Brand Awareness

That message can be for existing customers or potential leads. Your message  could be to promote brand awareness and establish your business as the solution. Whatever you business, Web Focus has the tools to deliver Digital Media Marketing with Social Networking such as  Facebook, Twittter, Instagram and many more. We can enhance your profile, promote your website, and generate leads and revenue through ecommerce. The best marketing programme is  the one that works and the Web Focus marketing servce works.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into smaller manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”  –Mark Twain